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Self Isolating: Lisbon

I know I don’t write on here very often anymore, but when I do it is about getting out and about in various cities. Mainly eating, but also a bit more. Things are a bit different at the moment though. Thanks to our new mate Covid-19, the vast majority of the world is self-isolating or social distancing. I’m doing exactly that in Lisbon (I’m meant to be leaving Lisbon for good next week by the way. Interested to see if that happens). So I thought I’d just run through a few places that you can call on at the moment.

Most of us are used to using UberEats, Glovo and Deliveroo these days. I am very guilty of using them way too often, especially when hungover. But they’re a godsend right now. A lot of the places on there have been for a while. But there’s a couple that have recently joined, thanks to everything that’s happening.

I have spoken about Pistola y Corazon before, and they have finally joined UberEats. Hooray! Search their name on UberEats, as they’re brand new on there and don’t always show up. Alternatively, you can get them through WhatsApp. The menu and details are on their Instagram. Look how great the presentation is as well. Stickers! And those bottles for their legendary cocktails. Super stuff.

pistola takeaway

Another favourite, Ground Burger, is also now on UberEats. It includes their relatively new vege burger, which is all chickpeas and goodness rather then seiten or a meat substitute. I had one last night, along with their world beating fries, and the quality was pretty much on a par with what you get in the restaurant.

It’s not all food though. You’re going to need some drinks too. As well as Pistola’s cocktails, most of the craft breweries are doing something. You can order Dois Corvos directly on their website, and Musa are on Glovo. I’ve just got myself a couple of mixed cases from Oitava Colina though. Email your order, and it’s same day or next day (depending on when you get your order in) delivery. Details on their Instagram.

If it is wine you’re after, Rebel Rebel is your place. Four bottles or fewer can be ordered via Glovo. If you want more, DM them on Instagram and they’ll deliver themselves. They’ll also put together a mixed case for you, based on the the types of wines you’re looking for.

Lazy Oaf at Latte
Lazy Oaf at Latte

We are of course all dressing up for working from home, right? So you’re going to need some new clothes. My three favourites in the city are all doing something. Latte are doing free shipping. Just put in the code STAYSAFE at the checkout. That’s where you’ll get your Pleasures, Stüssy, Carhartt etc. They’ve also just added Lazy Oaf. And their own brand of course. A t-shirt of which I’m wearing right now.

Slou have collections from Comme de Garçons, La Paz, APC, Our Legacy… Put in the code stayhome10 and you’ll get 10% off too. Out To Lunch are about to launch their online store, but they’re still worth keeping up with because in the meantime they’re posting some delicious recipes on their Instagram.

Finally, you’re probably going to need some bits and pieces to keep yourself fresh and in good nick. SkinLife have got your covered. Le Labo, Aesop, Susanne Kaufmann and plenty more.

That covers most things. Probably not the essentials, but it’s important to have nice things at times like this isn’t it.