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One Night In: Naples

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Would you judge me if I told you that I had three pizzas inside 24 hours in Naples? If your answer to that is yes (unless it’s “yes, I’ll judge you as a legend”), then this probably isn’t the blog for you. I had three pizzas inside 24 hours in[…]

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One Night In: San Sebastián

san sebastian

When we moved to Lisbon, we decided to make the journey by car. It would have been fool-hardy to do this in one go though (especially as Caitlin doesn’t drive, but is very good at sleeping, so it would have just been me and my Aziz Ansari audiobook for 21[…]

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One Night In: Berlin


After a New Years Eve in the new Berlin, Leipzig, we had a one off stop over in the original Berlin, Berlin. Somehow I have managed to get to the age of redacted and never made it to Berlin before. It’s been high on the to-do list for a while,[…]

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