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City High: Coimbra

coimbra view

I’m notorious for going to a city once and falling in love with it straight away and deciding that I definitely want to live there. In the past few years you’ve got Copenhagen, Madrid, Modena, Stockholm, Bath, Munich, Edinburgh. And of course Lisbon, which I then made a reality. You[…]

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City High: Madrid

madrid city guide

I expected to start this post by talking about the wonderful tapas, or the amazing weather, or seeing the Guernica first hand, but no. I can’t help but talk about a restaurant serving asian fusion food. Fusion. A word that often brings hellish nightmares of two dishes that have no[…]

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City High: Porto

porto city guide

We’d been to Porto very briefly before. I mentioned in the post about San Sebastian that we drove down to Lisbon from the UK, and Porto was one of the stops on the way. It rained almost constantly, and we were both shattered from three days of travelling. It didn’t[…]

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City High: Stockholm


Stockholm is wonderful. Very, very wonderful. Yes it’s expensive. A beer is going to set you back the equivalent of about €8, and it costs €4.50 for one trip on the Metro (or at least it does if you don’t look into the transport system properly and just use the[…]

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City High: Copenhagen


Copenhagen. CPH. The food capital of the Nordics. The burial place of Hans Christian Andersen. And of course the home to HAY, Normann Copenhagen, Wood Wood, Bang & Olufsen, Norse Projects, Georg Jensen, Rains and LEGO. That’s not to mention the wonderful hanging street lamps, one of which graces the[…]

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